Google Chrome Extensions

Faster one-click add package function, support Taobao/Tmall website.

Google Chrome plugin: Click to install the one-click shipping Google plug-in 

Support website

- 1688 (

- JD (

- Taobao (

- Tmall (

- Dangdang (

- Vipshop (

OES2u purchasing/shipping assistant

-Add products to OES2u shopping cart directly from Taobao or Tmall product page.

-From the Taobao bought baby page, submit the delivery information to the OES2u account.

【 how to use 】

-Forwarding: You can click "Add Package" on the Taobao/Tmall purchased baby page, and then you can directly submit the delivery information to our website account. And you can also edit the packages that have been added to your account directly on the shopping platform.

-Purchasing: You can click "I want to purchase" on the Taobao/Tmall product page, and you can directly add products to our website shopping cart.

-Browse the website: Click the OES2u icon on the right side of the browser, and a small window will appear to display our website.