Malaysia Express, do you like it?

Malaysia is referred to as Malaysia. Malaysia is divided into two parts: Peninsular Malaysia and Sandy Malaysia.

China often trades with Malaysia, and express delivery is also frequent. So what are the courier services from China to Malaysia?

A lot of international express delivery such as DHL, EMS, UPS, TNT, FedEx and Malaysia special line can be delivered to Malaysia. These courier aging is basically around 3-5 working days. What are the advantages and characteristics of each of these courier services?

I. Advantages and Disadvantages of International Express


General EMS will give some discounts according to the weight of the goods and the type of goods. However, the main shortcoming of EMS is that the timeliness is not stable enough, and it will take a long time for customers to receive the goods.


For small goods below 21KG in less developed countries around the world, DHL is the first choice. Aging is also relatively stable. The price above 21KG is also quite advantageous. The prices in developed countries such as Western Europe, the United States, Canada, and Asia are very advantageous. Although DHL has discounts, in most cases taxes are charged. Another advantage of DHL is that the required documents will be less than other international courier requirements. The operation is very simple and the speed is relatively stable. DHL to Malaysia usually takes about 3 days.


Under normal circumstances, it can reach the world in 2-4 working days. In terms of price, the quantity is favorably. In Southeast Asia, FedEx is only half the price of DHL and UPS for large goods of more than 21 kg, but the shipping speed is as fast. FEDEX arrives in Malaysia for about 2-6 days.


快递 The main advantages of this express company are reflected in the United States, Western Europe, and Southeast Asia. No matter the size of the goods, they have price and time advantages. With Shenzhen's transshipment center, the aging time in Southeast Asia is quite good.


The strong regions are Western European countries, and there are advantages in terms of timeliness and price. In addition, those who want to courier items to Middle East countries should choose TNT first. It is said that TNT has a good relationship with local tribes, and the goods are generally released. TNT has fast aging and low price. Direct flights to Europe, particularly strong customs clearance in Western Europe. TNT has no surcharges in remote areas, and TNT has excellent service quality, which is loved by customers from all over the world. However, there are more restrictions on the goods being shipped.

二 .Express Fee

知道 I know the advantages and disadvantages of express delivery, small partners can choose according to their needs. So how is the courier fee calculated?

International express to Malaysia is divided into East Malaysia and West Malaysia, the price difference is large.

Each courier company charges different standards, so the cost of sending courier to Malaysia is also different. In addition, the courier fee is also related to the nature of the goods. For example, sensitive goods will be more expensive than general goods. These are normal.

1. Charging treasure, when sent to Malaysia 10KGS, it is about RMB500 + DG500

2. The documents sent to Malaysia is about 120 yuan / KG

3. Food, take Hong Kong EMS, a small amount of goods is about 450 yuan / KG

4. Built-in battery products, more than 70 kg, the cost is roughly RMB25 / KG

5. LED lights, DHL, 15KG is about RMB930, aging for 3 days

Because some are sensitive goods, Malaysia has restrictions on the import of goods, which can be divided into the following points:

1. A small amount of sensitive goods can be accessed: all liquids / powders, car engines, sex products, drugs, cosmetics, food, desktop computers, imitation brands, chemical products, mobile phone batteries, construction steel / steel plates and steel raw materials

2. Special sensitive goods: ceramics

3.? Prohibition of import: Chinese medicine of borneol and aconite, 45 kinds of plant medicines and 13 kinds of animal and mineral medicines

33. Tariffs

Express delivery to Malaysia, in addition to the courier fee, there is a tariff.

99.3% of Malaysian tariff is ad valorem duty, 0.7% is specific duty, mixed duty and option duty.

In 2005, the simple average tariff rate of Malaysia's MFN tariff was about 8.1%. Tariffs on basic foods are very low, not exceeding 5%. The average tax rate for major goods is about 5%. Tax rates for intermediate products and transportation equipment average below 20%. The tax rate for consumer goods is higher, some as high as 60%. The tariff rate of high-priced motor vehicles is higher than 100%.

In addition, Malaysian imports are subject to a 5% surcharge based on CIF value. Some basic goods such as fish, cereals, salt, petroleum products, rubber, paper and printed matter are exempt from additional taxes. Consumption taxes on beer, alcohol and other beverages, tobacco, gasoline, mineral oil and sugar, tires, playing cards, air conditioners, batteries, television receivers, motor vehicles and motorcycles, matches, etc. are levied on ad valorem or ad valorem basis.

It is also important to note that anyone who applies for a tax-free import if the recipient holds a tax-exemption certificate must be clearly indicated on the delivery list (preferably on the waybill) and clearly notified before shipping. The freight forwarder handles it in order to notify the local arrangements.

24. Freight Forwarding

1. Generally speaking, the price given by the freight forwarder is relatively favorable, and the price provided is a 2-60% off the official published price of DHL, UPS, EMS, and FedEx.

2. Global delivery, can be delivered to many countries and regions around the world

3. Safe and efficient, all transportation methods provided are safe and stable

4. Convenient delivery, simply fill in the recipient and package information for delivery

5. Value-added services, can provide personalized logistics services according to customer requirements

6. Professional services, with professional international delivery experience and efficient team

However, not all freight forwarding companies have the above service and quality assurance. Please choose carefully. However, OES is one of the pioneers deeply rooted in the international logistics industry, focusing on Malaysia's logistics supply chain channels, integrating global resources, smelting business intelligence, and providing the most convenient and fast one-stop Malaysian logistics air shipping supply chain channel for Malaysian Chinese. OES is definitely a quality partner.