Navigation Warning:Live ammunition in these waters is prohibited!

Live ammunition - Luhang Police 0350:

According to the Shandong Maritime Safety Administration, Bohai Sea and Weifang Port will be at 37-31.0N 119-18.0E, 37-31.0N 119-25.6E, 37-01.7N 119-25.6E and 37- 01.2N 119-17.4E Live ammunition within the line connecting the points. No entry.

Live ammunition -- Luhang Police 0351:

According to the Shandong Maritime Safety Administration, Bohai Sea, Weifang Port, from August 4th to 10th, from 0500 to 2300 every day at 37-35.0N 119-03.5E, 37-35.0N 119-26.0E, 37-02.5N 119-26.0 E, 37-00.8N 119-15.3E all points connected within the range of live ammunition. No entry.

Military training - Bohai Sea - Laizhou Bay - Luhang Police 0352:

According to the Yantai Maritime Safety Administration, Bohai Sea and Laizhou Bay, from 0000 on August 4 to 2400 on August 6, at 37-32.67N 119-43.37E, 37-32.43N 119-53.63E, 37-26.93N 119-49.35 E, 37-27.82N 119-40.70E Live fire in the waters connecting the four points. No entry.

Military training------【Qiong Hang Police 97/22】:

According to the Qinglan Maritime Safety Administration, Qionghang Police 0097/22, South China Sea, from 0000 on August 2, 2022 to 2400 on August 6 at 20-08.10N 111-30.20E, 20-08.10N 112-07.30E , 19-38.10N 112-07.30E and 19-38.10N 111-30.20E for military training within the waters connecting the points, and it is forbidden to enter.

Live ammunition in northern Bohai Sea:

According to the Dalian Maritime Safety Administration, in the northern part of the Bohai Sea, from 1400 o'clock on August 1st to 2400 o'clock on August 4th, live ammunition will be carried out with 39-50.80N 121-10.03E as the center and within a radius of 8 nautical miles. No entry.

Jihang Police 218/22:

According to the Tangshan Maritime Safety Administration, Jihang Police 218/22, Bohai Sea, from 00:00 on August 2, 2022 to 2400 on August 7, 2022. Taking 39°24'35"N and 119°13'44"E as the base point, the fan-shaped area from the east to the south-west 6° and the included angle is 96°. The coordinates of the two vertices of the sector area are 39°24'14"N, 119°28'24"E and 39°13'13"N, 119°11'51"E respectively. Live ammunition is carried out in this sector. No entry.

South China Sea, shooting training in the western waters of Leizhou Peninsula - Guangdong Aviation Police 79/22:

According to the Guangdong Maritime Safety Administration, Guangdong Aviation Police 79/22, South China Sea, from 0200:00 on August 2 to 1700 on the 3rd, firing training will be conducted in the sea area connected by the following six points: (1) 21-08.82N/109-41.58E , (2) 21-13.87N/109-39.55E, (3) 21-22.48N/109-36.40E, (4) 21-24.07N/109-43.63E, (5) 21-24.48N/109- 46.15E, (6) 21-20.83N/109-49.83E. Vessels are prohibited from entering.