LV young woman reselling mask showing off rich

"It's so blatant to make a country out of money, she can't sleep without human flesh!"
Recently, the behavior of a Chinese woman showing off her wealth caused anger across the entire network. In the face of tight masks, she swept the goods frantically and even asked the doctor for a gift. After getting the goods, she resold them at a high price. Yuan) show off rich.

The Chinese woman, who has “finished her nails after counting the money”, currently lives in Tokyo, Japan.

According to the breaking news from "Tokyo New Youth", she usually engages in medical related business and has contacts with many hospitals and clinics.

After the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia outbreak, the female business found a familiar clinician who lied "want to give it to relatives and friends in China" and asked for 10 boxes of masks.

Some chat transcripts are as follows:

Woman: Can you give me some masks? Now, because of the new crown virus, the masks are insufficient. I want to give some relatives in China the past.

Doctor: Recently, new pneumonia has been raging, and we have notches. And because the company has shipping restrictions, we have a hard time getting them.

Woman: I don't need a lot, I'm glad to give me 10 cases.

Dr. S: Our hospital is not enough, it's really stingy. But because it's beautiful, please prepare 5 cases for you.

In this way, although the local masks in Japan are also seriously inadequate, they cannot be bought everywhere. However, the doctor at the clinic said that she was in a good relationship with the female business and gave her 5 boxes.

As soon as she got the goods, she was proud to take pictures all the way.

Take a picture in the elevator

Take a picture out of the hospital
Take it in the car and take a picture

As if to "show" the world-that's how I am! I have a mask!

The next few days, the woman ’s social media status is like this

She also said, "You must not announce the collection of my masks on the streets of Kyoto. Although I made my countrymen happy, but I was disappointed and sad and desperate. The places where I had footprints were basically empty. They know that I am the culprit who will block me in front of my house. I have decided today, and tomorrow I will definitely not try to grab a mask from the Japanese, because Kyoto is gone. "

Then, the woman was exposed and pointed out that some of the masks she snapped up were actually not medical grade, only masks for general beauty and pollen, but these masks, which had little protection, were still snatched by her as Medical grade, sold to compatriots.

After the incident was exposed, netizens were out of anger:

"While Japanese and overseas Chinese donated masks, she made tens of millions of Japanese yen in hardship and was still in the circle of friends."

At present, masks are in short supply, and a local one is hard to find in Vancouver. Yesterday, CBC reported that a new coronavirus caused a shortage of N95 protective masks, and BC hospitals began to focus on medical masks.

ProvidenceHealth Care, one of BC's health agencies, has strengthened surveillance of inventory masks and sent notifications to employees at its hospitals. Centrally manage the N95 mask resources to ensure that medical staff can have adequate safety protection equipment when needed.

Earlier, news that some Canadian businesses were selling masks at high prices also caused anger.

There is a box of $ 100

The unsophisticated 50-piece masks sold for $ 90 a box

However, now the past is basically empty shelves. You can't buy anywhere.

Some employees in a local Chinese supermarket said that the company had previously purchased a batch of masks for distribution to employees. At that time, it was bought at a price of 3 yuan. Out of stock.

Some netizens told reporters that after buying masks throughout the city, he saw that they were available online. Although the price was a little high, he still placed an order. Unexpectedly, he received a notice the next day and was informed that the order was cancelled because of insufficient stock.

On the one hand, ordinary people and doctors are hard to find, and on the other hand, they are sold at high prices after emptying stores in the city.

The Chinese woman who showed off her wealth, are you at ease with the money made by the country?